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Bonjour et bienvenue!

Learn French Online with Cécilia

So you’ve decided to start learning a new language? Perhaps revive your high school skills? (Which we know could use a refresher.) Maybe become an expert in all things French? (It’s more than just baguettes and bérets.)

Welcome to Hello French!

About Me


Salut! I’m Cécilia, and I’ll be your teacher at Hello French. I’m so excited you’ve made the decision to start learning (or reviving) French! Here are a few things I’d like you to know about me:


I was born and raised in Paris, immersed in traditional French values and Parisian culture. Since moving to the U.S. 15 years ago, I have spent time beaching & studying in Miami and hustling in New York City, eventually making Brooklyn my home.


I’ve been teaching French for over a decade, privately tutoring and leading group workshops for all ages and skill levels. My background in linguistics and the performing arts has helped me craft a teaching method that my students find highly effective.


Most importantly, I find the best way for students to learn (and for me to teach) is through a fun, interactive, and culturally-rich environment. That means no outdated textbooks, no boring grammar lectures, and no bullshit.

Want to learn French?
Planning a trip to Paris?

The NEW Super Bundle is the perfect way to prepare for a trip to France, and the ideal travel companion once you’re in Paris. It features three of Hello French’s most loved digital French learning resources.


Private Lessons

French Grammar and Writing

Pronunciation and Understanding of Spoken French

French Lifestyle in NYC (I know where to get all the best pains au chocolat.)

Foods & Wines

Geography and Travel

The Arts: Literature, Cinéma, Music

Culture and Language: what is the French way of life?

Wellness and Mindfulness

Hello French will soon host virtual French classes for adults. You can now join the waitlist for private or group lessons. You'll be the first to know when you can sign-up for our online classes!


French Grammar and Writing   |  Pronunciation and Understanding of Spoken French
Foods & Wines   |   Geography and Travel   |   The Arts: Literature, Cinéma, Music 

Culture and Language: The French Way of Life   |   Idioms and Slang   |   Wellness and Mindfulness

French Lifestyle in NYC and Paris (I know where to get all the best croissants!)


What Happy Students Say

I’ve been enjoying weekly hour-long private lessons with Cécilia via Zoom for the past six months, and I’m so happy to give her my highest recommendation. She is encouraging, enthusiastic, and engaging, and her talent and pleasure at working with her clients is evident. As a native-born Parisian living in the US, she’s well-positioned to share her insight and intimate knowledge of French language and culture. I appreciate her eagerness to provide suggestions of various French books, films, tv shows, music, social media accounts, videos, etc. and encouraging other ways to work a little French into my daily life outside of our weekly lessons. She’s a great teacher and a wonderful and interesting person to boot.

- Melissa G.

Private Student - Advanced Level

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