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Bienvenue to 👋 Hello French! Founded by Cécilia Jourdan, we’re on a mission to rethink French language & culture. Our goal is for you (a digital community of over 2 million language & culture lovers!) 💙 to learn about and have fun with all things françaises in an authentic, modern way.

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They love Hello French

“The energy that Cécilia and her HelloFrench "équipe" bring to any space is always one of good vibes, warmth, inclusion and LEARNING the French language in the immediate surroundings with Cécilia, herself. FRENCH HEAVEN!”


“Not only are you helping us learn French but you are choosing to do so in a way that is inclusive, makes people feel seen, and be authentic in their native tongue or while speaking French. Thank you for being you.”


“I just wanna message and say I absolutely love your content! I feel so inspired to become a french teacher here in Ireland because of you! Your content is just so enjoyable to watch. Merci beaucoup !

Grace Anderson

“I'm so glad I wanted to embrace learning the French language, conversation, culture and more again. More importantly, I am lucky enough to have found a beautiful, well spoken person who is graceful, kind and shares without judgment.”


“Thank you for doing what you do. People like you are here to help spread a positive message. Vive la culture et la langue française pour tous les gens !”

Jay Baycura

“I love that you teach real French that I would use on a day to day basis. [..] You are the only person that taught me words for menstruation! I felt compelled to write because I love that you shared new vocabulary for pride month.”

Kenyeh G

I as a lesbian got super excited that you’re queer and you spoke about it in context of teaching French so keep doing you! From a purely linguistic standpoint, queer terms are never taught in language programs so thank you for that!”


“THANK YOU for sharing your story! As a queer woman it's so important to feel part of a community and to see positive role models like yourself! I love how your style reflects your identity too!”

Emily S

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Why did we revamp our website?

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