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French Bundle: French Essentials and Exercises for Beginners

French Bundle: French Essentials and Exercises for Beginners


The French Bundle features two incredible learning resources that perfectly complement each other.


Le Bouquin is a digital learning guide, designed to teach French through a modern, elevated approach. Learn how contemporary French people actually speak; key phrases any French speaker needs; and practice your listening, reading, and speaking skills.


Le Cahier is the must-have companion to Le Bouquin. If Le Bouquin is our version of a textbook (but nothing like the textbooks you remember from school!), Le Cahier is the exercise book – but our version of an exercise book, packed with interactive games, activities, tips, and answer pages. Le Cahier is a great way to review and consolidate your learning, and have fun at the same time. Also features a 60-question online quiz. Challenge yourself to get 100% correct!


Le Bouquin and Le Cahier are co-authored by Cécilia Jourdan and fellow French-language instructor, Marie-Lola Sendra. Learning a language takes time, but by practicing and staying engaged, you can achieve your goal. We’ll help you gain independence and confidence in the French language, even as a beginner.


Design & illustrations by J&P 

Non-refundable and non-shareable.

  • 1. French learners

    • with little to no experience of the language
    • with some limited knowledge (your high school classes count!)
    • who know the basics but want to review what they know and continue learning – in a new way
    • who enjoy learning through interactive resources
    • who want to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening


    2. People visiting France (or another French speaking country)

    • who want to prepare for their time abroad

    • who need a crash-course of key phrases to prepare for their visit

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