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Le Cahier: French Essential Exercises for Beginners

Le Cahier: French Essential Exercises for Beginners


Designed for beginners, Le Cahier is a highly engaging French exercise book that helps you build on what you’ve learned in Le Bouquin. The book’s interactive, entertaining, and relevant exercises pair directly with each lesson from Le Bouquin

Cécilia Jourdan co-authored Le Cahier with a fellow French-language instructor, Marie-Lola Sendra. We know that learning a language isn’t an easy endeavor, but we believe that through practicing and staying engaged, you can achieve your goal. Our aim is to help you gain independence and confidence in the French language, even as a beginner.


Design & illustrations by J&P 

Non-refundable and non-shareable.

Since Le Cahier’s exercises test the knowledge you acquire from using Le Bouquin, we recommend The French Bundle (Le Bouquin + Cahier at a discounted rate) if you haven’t already purchased Le Bouquin.

  • Students of French and people planning to visit France (or another French-speaking country) who want to review and strengthen the knowledge they acquired from Le Bouquin

    Le Cahier is tailored to learners who are dedicated to long-lasting language acquisition.

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